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Annette Welsford

Annette Welsford
Founder, Become-Stylish

We've had so many people ask us "How do I become confident and stylish like successful people?

We've also received this comment from several ladies "I don't have the money to pay thousands to lots of experts!"

That’s why we've put together the Become Stylish Program - an "online style university". It's a step-by-step mentoring program where we show you exactly what you need to know and do to become a confident and stylish woman and achieve all your dreams.

We've chosen leading experts from around the world to share their skills and knowledge with you.  

The Become-Stylish Program is an exciting, fun and very effective way to learn what to do and how to do it without having to leave home!


For just $29 per month you can now receive advice and coaching from international leaders in style, etiquette and personal development. This is a fraction of what they usually charge
their regular clients


I am enjoying your course immensely. I am having fun putting the style lessons into practise. Looking forward to the remaining lessons. Thank you so much for the lovely card I received from you in today’s mail.

Rosemary Wood, Charleston, Australia

When you join Become Stylish, you open the door to a wonderful world of expert advice on style, beauty confidence and charm.
Every Week you'll receive:

Step by Step details on how to determine your body shape, plus detailed advice on what to wear to flatter your shape.  If you have trouble determining your shape, you'll receive a free consultation from one of our stylists.

Detailed advice on choosing jackets, skirts, pants and dresses to suit your particular body shape. This includes what will flatter you and what styles to avoid.

A wonderful system for identifying your personal colour range and tips and colour charts to help you choose your ideal colour combinations.

Step by step tips for caring for your skin to make you look younger for longer. How to get rid of blemishes and wrinkles, how to groom your body from top to toe so you look your absolute best. We'll also show you how to apply makeup properly to cover blemishes and enhance your features.

Powerful coaching in becoming a happy and self confident person. Learn how to rid yourself of negative self talk, learn to love who you are, learn how to achieve everything you dream of achieving. Very important, because if you don't feel confident, no matter what you wear you won't feel stylish!

Lessons in stylish behaviour - everything from making introductions, dealing with difficult people, five star dining and office and social etiquette.

5 x 10 minute Power Talks -  Yes, when you need style help, you can phone in and talk to a style or etiquette consultant for advice.

Regular e-classes e-mailed to you every week to take you step-by-step through the makeover process. These classes cover all three of the important components of the success triangle

  • physical (detailed advice on looking stylish and well groomed, no matter what your size, body shape or situation)

  • mental (lessons from leading etiquette, business and social experts on how to act and behave in every situation so you're the charming gracious person everyone admires)

  • emotional (coaching from world leading personal development specialists on how to restore your self esteem and forever banish those negative influences which can bring you down)

Interviews with successful people.  We talk to successful people from many walks of life and find out how they became stylish and confident. We find out what barriers they had to overcome, how they went about it and their advice and tips to help our members achieve the same results.

Access to our members-only website which is constantly updated with fantastic links to a wide range of international health, beauty, fashion and personal development resources to help you source what you need on your journey to become a thoroughly stylish woman.

A member's forum where you can ask questions, share resources and meet other women on the same journey. It's great to have a friendly group cheering you on from the side lines!

Heavily discounted tickets to fashion show/makeover events and much much more

Plus, you'll also receive these
seven fantastic bonuses (valued at $2,372)


Mental Toolbox

Two complimentary tickets to the life changing "Mental Toolbox" Workshop by Paul Blackburn. 

A vital key to being stylish, charming and successful is having a happy outlook and positive self image.  If you've ever had any doubts about yourself or can't seem to forget some of the emotional issues which plague you and affect your self confidence, you'll find the Mental Toolbox workshop incredible.  Take your partner or friend and discover how your mind works.  You'll be taught how to tap into your subconscious and see what's really going on and how to control it. Valued at $1994 for 2 tickets, yours free when you join as a member.


Self Esteem

Free copy of "How to Build Your Self Esteem" ebook.  An inspirational guide to understanding the way you think and building your self esteem so you have no more self doubts. Valued at $39, you receive a copy of this as soon as you sign up to become a member.  It's yours to keep and refer to over and over again.  Wonderful book to read when you're feeling down or have a moment of "self doubt".


Become Stylish Book

Free copy of “How to Look Stylish ” ebook - a fantastic guide which follows the makeovers of eight women from around the world. Each woman has a unique body shape and is given expert advice from eight international stylists on how to develop a stylish look.  Includes tips on fashion, accessories and colours.  Valued at $67, this is provided free when you've completed your first few lessons.


beauty tips

Free Copy of "Beauty Tips" ebook. 21 pages jam packed with great advice on looking after your skin, chapped lips, nails, hair, eyebrows, teeth and more. Covers skin types, why skin ages, skin creams, sun protection, tanning, stretch marks, nutrition, organic makeup and several skin rejuvenation treatments.  Valued at $19, this is provided free when you join.


advanced attraction

Free Copy of "Advanced Attraction - Utilising the Laws of Attraction" ebook.  Discover how the world’s wealthy people have gained their wealth by using the Law Of Attraction (whether knowing or unknowingly) or indeed how the world’s most unsuccessful people have blighted their success by utilising the Law Of Attraction. You can literally manifest anything you can imagine into your life.  It is time to unlock your hidden potential, as never before. Valued at $27, this is provided free when you join.


romantic ideas

Free Copy of "101 Romantic Ideas" ebook from Internationally acclaimed romance expert Michael Webb, as seen on Oprah.

Valued at $27, it's full of great ideas to romance the special one in your life. With 101 of them, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again! 


Stress Relief
Massive Action
Easy sleep
Power learning

7 Cutting Edge Personal Change Recordings valued at $199.

Discover how You can feel Happier, Rejuvenated
and More In Control than ever before

Once you begin to use these unique and powerful audio masterpieces case studies have shown that life simply begins to change. It will seem subtle at first but after a while it will have a profound effect on the events in your life on a daily basis.

Audio 1. “Creating Maximum Abundance”. Tuning Your Mind and Your Life Toward Wealth Consciousness.

Audio 2. “Easy Stress Relief”. Tuning your mind and your life towards ease and creating an immunity to stress.

Audio 3. “Happiness Primer”. Tuning your mind and your life toward more happiness fun and enjoyment of everyday.

Audio 4. “Massive Action Primer”. Eliminating procrastination and getting on to take consistent action every day towards your dream.

Audio 5. “Easy Sleep - Phase 1”. Dropping into sleep - and letting go of the day.

Audio 6. “Easy Sleep - phase 2”. Staying in sleep: rejuvenating and resting.

Audio 7. “Power Learning”. Unleash the true power of your mind and learn with ease.

For just $29 per month you can now receive advice and coaching from international leaders in style, etiquette and personal development. This is a fraction of what they usually charge
their regular clients


Pamela McGlashanI would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed the e-mails with my latest class arriving frequently during each month.

I am now feeling very confident in shopping for clothing and accessories as well as having fun mixing up the contents of my wardrobe to make new outfits- an exercise that I was definitely not confident in attempting before.

The two other aspects of the program were interesting and informative and provided me with a lot of valuable tips to make life easier and more enjoyable both personally and in business.

I have and will continue to recommend your program and wish you heaps of success. Well done.

Pamela McGlashon, Ph. C
Coffs Harbour, Australia



Eloise of Brisbane found the Become Stylish workshop very inspiring and great value

How Quickly will you Become Stylish?

Within a few days . . .

. . .you'll know exactly what type of clothes best suit your body shape and coloring. 

. . .you'll know how to look taller and thinner, or more curvaceous, or more balanced (depending on your body shape and personal goals!) 

. . . you'll know some of the rules of etiquette for occasions such as meeting people, attending funerals, giving gifts

. . . you'll be able to relax and start tapping into your real thoughts and emotions

Within a couple of weeks

. . .you'll be able to go shopping with confidence that you will choose appropriate outfits and accessories for a range of occasions

. . .you'll be able to confidently organise and host several types of events

. . .you'll learn how to start setting goals and achieving them

Within a couple of months

. . . you'll have culled your wardrobe, have a brand new look and be the one of the most stylish people present no matter where you are.  Your hair, your makeup and your total grooming will be immaculate.

. . .you'll know the correct way to communicate and socialise (without giving offence) with many different cultures

. . .you'll be ridding your life of negative emotions and influences and start stretching yourself; focussing on what's important, leaving behind what's not.

Before too long

. . .you will be looking and acting stylishly and feeling happy and much more confident.

. . .you will start to reap the rewards which come with being a thoroughly stylish person.

. . .you will revel in your new life and all the promise it brings.

Important!  This program is not for everyone

If you think that being stylish is only about wearing the latest fashions, then this program is not for you.

If you're not willing to commit to change, to put the effort in now so you can reap the rewards down the track, then this program is not for you.

If you already have the perfect body and know everything there is to know about etiquette, good behaviour, getting along with people and you've already achieved everything you want to achieve, then this program is not for you.



What's your Future Happiness
and Success Worth?

As you know celebrities and successful high fliers pay thousands of dollars for this advice. You don't need to. 

It's yours for only $29 per month. 

You stay a member for as long as you want.  Whenever you feel you have enough information and your personal mind, body and style makeover is complete, you just cancel your membership and we stop your payments immediately. You get to keep all the information you've purchased forever.

That's a very reasonable and fair offer don't you think?

So - are you ready to become a totally self confident, stylish woman and a person who is admired, respected and desired?


For just $29 per month you can now receive expert advice and mentoring from international leaders in style, etiquette and personal development.

Unleash The Stylish New You Now!

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Warmest regards

Annette Welsford


Annette Welsford and the Become-Stylish Team

PS: Don't procrastinate. Every day you do is another day of feeling frumpy and dissatisfied with your life. How many days like this can you take?

PPS: Every new member receives 7 bonuses worth $2732